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  poetica-visual is a playground to generate textual images. Texts, feeded by the visitor, will be presented in a nonlinear and almost not readable form. This is no new idea and finds its model in visual and concrete poetry. The innovation here is that these textual images will be created digitally and with help of randomness. The handling is simple. The user puts some words into a form, presses with a mouseclick onto the activation-button and there will appear on the screen a black object.

The visitor should receive in a short time a satisfactory result. And the programm should also attract people who never were in touch with visual poetry. The basic idea of visual poetry, the idea of designing a graphical form that corresponds in a certain way with the semantic of the text will be reached in few cases with this programm. To reach this, it will need future applications of the poetica-visual.
  You still can recognize the used letters. You can change the design of that object by typing some words with your keyboard. If you like it make a printout.

The idea is to create a tool simple to use, that needs and promotes the game with language and forms. The aim is to create an application to create especially visual poetry.

  Each visitor who writes with the latin alphabet can use this project without knowing the language of the developer. Finally, I want to point out, that this is the first version of the poetica-visual and there will be added some more features soon to give the visitor more possibilities of expression.

In the foreground to develop this application will be the endeavour to reach a high interaction between form and content to reach a high grade of expressiveness.

  To use the program you need the flashplayer   Enter.
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